New President for IHMA

The International Harbour Masters’ Association (IHMA) is delighted to announce that its new President is Captain Yoss Leclerc of the Port of Quebec. He succeeds Captain Allan Gray, President and CEO, Halifax Port Authority, Canada.

Captain Leclerc was elected on 8 October at the conclusion of the IHMA Biennial Ordinary General Meeting held remotely for the first time due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The OGM was contributed to online by delegates from 13 countries.

In a statement to members Captain Leclerc pledged to help the Association meet the challenges facing Harbour Masters to ensure the sustainability of ports in the future.

“I like to quote the Japanese writer Ryunosuke Satoro who said, “individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean”.

I lived this philosophy at sea when you knew that it was necessary to work together in order to face any and all challenges and even more, to fight adversity.

My story continues when I came ashore and joined many different and amazing teams from Canadian Ports who were on the ground 24/7 to ensure safe, secure and fluid operations.

Harbour Masters are the embodiment of dedication, collaboration and teamwork. They are the magicians that make everything seem seamless, smooth and easy to the neophyte and even often to old-timers. I have so often heard the following comment after a port visit, “there’s nothing happening here!” and I always respond: “because magic is going on behind the scenes where a dedicated and painstaking Port team looks after every aspect ensuring the show is going”.

There are many challenges ahead of us, including environment (climate change, air emissions, ballast water, etc.), technology (digitalization, automation, etc.) and health (pandemics) that we will need to grasp and tackle together in order to ensure our ports’ sustainability.

At the international level, IHMA has worked very hard to acquire its standing and ability to influence decisions regarding many aspects that have considerable impact on our operations and we will, with your help, continue to consolidate our position.

As a father of two wonderful daughters involved in the maritime field, I am glad to see the interest of women in “Harbour Mastering” and will continue to support the movement within my capacity.

I am very honoured and humbled to take the helm of this prestigious organization and will endeavour to sail the ship with the collaboration and support of you all to our next port of call, the 2022 Congress in Port Klang.”

Biographical details of Captain Leclerc:
Captain Yoss Leclerc has over 30 years of experience in the maritime field, logistics, transportation and port operations.

During his career at sea, Captain Yoss Leclerc specialized in gas carriers (LNG, LPG), chemical and oil tankers. Ashore, he has had the opportunity to work and collaborate in the strategic development of several major Canadian Ports, such as the port of Metro Vancouver, the Port of Quebec and the Port of Montreal.

As the head of Port Operations in several Canadian Port Authorities, he has led and provided expertise for many large and diverse projects including infrastructure projects, port optimization and marine industry digitalization. He has represented ports on government, industry committees and technical working groups.

Recently, as Vice-President and Chief of maritime operations for the Quebec Port Authority, he led the development of the port safety management system, including the management and optimization of inland waterways, and the implementation of the port’s environmental impact assessment process.

His role as President of the International Harbour Masters’ Association enables him to work on various international maritime issues with international organizations such as IMO, ILO, IPA and PIANC.

Captain Yoss Leclerc holds an MBA from the University of Montreal with a specialization in logistics and transportation. He also sits on the board of Directors of the International Sailors’ Society of Canada.