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If you are interested in becoming a Member of the UK Harbour Masters’ Association, please make a Preliminary Application via the Join links (below) for the relevant Membership category. Alternatively, use the Contact link (above) to discuss your application and most appropriate membership category.

Annual subscription rates are shown alongside each Membership category. The membership period extends from the date of joining for twelve months. Membership will auto-renew on completion of the first and subsequent twelve month periods subject to payment of a subscription at the prevailing rate.

On completion of your Preliminary Application, your submission will be reviewed by the UKHMA Executive Officer, and if necessary by the Association’s Council. Successful candidates may be requested to provide further details to complete their enrolment.

Payment will be held on account pending the successful completion of your application.


£112.00 per year: Tier 1 and Tier 2

The Full membership category is divided into two sub-categories, as follows:

  • A Full Member Tier 1 (FM1) is a serving Harbour Master with prime responsibility, as set out in the Port Marine Safety Code, for any statutory port or harbour in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man;
  • A Full Member Tier 2 (FM2) is a serving harbour marine officer (of whatever title) who deputises for a Tier 1 harbour master in his absence – to be confirmed by the Tier 1 harbour master on initial application and re-confirmed annually on renewal of his subscription.

Applicants will be automatically assigned as Tier 1 or Tier 2 Full Members as per their job description.

£112.00 / year


  • £505.00 per year; Commercial Member Tier 1;
  • Available on application only- see below; Commercial Member Tier 2

The Commercial membership category is divided into two sub-categories, as follows:

  • Commercial Member, Tier 1 (CM1) includes any person, company or organisation engaged in business that provides products or services in ways that assist Full Members in the performance of their professional duties, or who wish to support UKHMA in the attainment of its Objectives.
  • Commercial Member, Tier 2 (CM2) is a small corporate enterprise that complies with the above but has a total of four or less full-time or part-time employees or self-employed professional associates in total. A CM2 enjoys a 50% discount off the full CM1 subscription rate.

Applicants will be automatically assigned as Tier 1. For Tier 2 Commercial Membership, please apply to with details of compliance with above criteria.

£505.00 / year


£112.00 per year:  Associate Member: Harbour Officer
£112.00 per year: Associate Member: Marine Professional
£112.00 per year: Associate Member: Aspirant
£112.00 per year: Associate Member: Overseas

The Associate membership category is divided into three sub-categories, as follows:

An Associate Member: Harbour Officer (AMHO) is employed in a marine operations supervisory or advisory role in a harbour environment, but does not deputise for a Full Member. To include, but not be restricted to, port marine operations functions such as pilot, VTS officer and marine officer;
or, the applicant is an individual with a valid UKHMA Harbour Master Certificate who would otherwise not qualify as a Full Member.

An Associate Member: Marine Professional (AMMP) is employed in a non-port marine operations management, supervisory or advisory role that is not otherwise covered by other Member categories. To include, but not be restricted to, pilotage managers, VTS managers, training managers, PMSC Duty Holders and Designated Persons.

An Associate Member: Aspirant (AMA) does not yet qualify as an Associate Member: Marine Officer but aspires to become a Harbour Master or  Harbour Marine Officer;
or, does not qualify for any other Member category but fully supports the Objectives of the Association and wishes to participate in UKHMA activities.

£112.00 / year