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Responsible for Safe Direction of Shipping

a Protector of Natural Environments

a Harbour Marine Safety Specialist

a Manager of Port Marine Operations

a Professional Mariner


This website is for the use of Members of the UK Harbour Masters’ Association (UKHMA), port and harbour users, marine professionals and members of the public – in fact, anyone with an interest in port marine safety and harbour services and operations.

Many areas provide ‘open information’ which is free to access by all. More detailed data, news and Member services require a login (only available to UKHMA Members). For more details of becoming a UKHMA Member, follow the ‘Join’ link below.

With regard to membership, the principal harbour master, or any person who in the normal course of their duties is expected to deputise for the principal harbour master, of any statutory port or harbour in the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, is eligible to become a Full Member of the UKHMA.

Additionally, there is provision for other senior port marine officers, marine professionals and any other person interested in upholding the objectives of the Association, to become an Associate or Affiliate Member.

Commercial Membership is also invited from companies and other organisations whose business or profession includes the supply of goods, services and/or technical information that relate directly to harbour masters’ duties or needs.

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