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Continuing Professional Development – “The systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of professional knowledge, understanding and skill and the development of personal qualities necessary to undertake professional and technical duties throughout the Member’s working life.”

The well-established Continuing Professional Development (CPD) facility is open to all UKHMA Full and Associate Members.

Members should register for the service by contacting the CPD Administrator on

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding the CPD scheme are answered in the At A Glance document below. Further guidance documentation is available, including worked examples, following registration. Prior to registration, your attention is drawn to the CPD Terms and Conditions document below.

A dedicated email Helpline is associated with the CPD programme, covering registration enquiries, non-Member registration, use of the programme, and access difficulties.

Please contact:
Please do not contact the UKHMA Executive Officer or General Administration regarding CPD issues.

Non-Members, with a genuine interest in following a career as a harbour master, may join the scheme at a fee equal to the prevailing Associate Member subscription rate.


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