MAIB – Seatruck Progress report and flyer published

Fatal accident on the stern ramp of a ro-ro freight ferry at Brocklebank Dock, Liverpool.

The stern ramp and yellow painted walkway

Our accident investigation report on the death of a third officer after being struck by a semi-trailer that was being pushed down Seatruck Progress’s stern ramp at Brocklebank Dock, Liverpool on 15 May 2019, is now published.
The report contains details of what happened, the subsequent actions taken and recommendations made: read more.

Statement from the Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents:

This tragic accident has highlighted two significant safety issues.
The first, is the hazard of using a mobile phone when on duty or in a working environment. Users can too easily become distracted from the tasks they are doing and lose awareness of what is happening around them. This accident occurred on the loading ramp of a ro-ro ferry, however, the use of mobile phones in other hazardous workspaces and on the bridge of ships is becoming a serious concern.

Secondly, this accident again highlights the importance of separating moving vehicles and pedestrians on the ramps and vehicle decks of ro-ro ferries. Moving vehicles are a constant hazard during loading and discharge, and if physical separation cannot be achieved then robust procedural controls must be put in place to prevent people from being injured or killed.

Recommendations have been made to reinforce the importance of maintaining the safety of pedestrians when loading and discharging ro-ro cargo, and the UK and IoM marine administrations have been recommended to provide guidance on the dangers of using mobile phones when working in hazardous areas on board ships.

A safety flyer to the shipping industry summarising the accident and detailing the safety lessons learned, has also been produced.
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