MAIB – Rib Tickler and personal watercraft report published

Collision between a rigid inflatable boat and a personal watercraft in the Menai Strait, Wales with loss of 1 life.

MAIB accident investigation report into the fatal collision at high speed between the rigid inflatable boat Rib Tickler and a personal watercraft on 8 August 2020, is now published.


Andrew Moll, Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents, said:

As the use of leisure craft in the UK becomes ever more popular, this tragic accident serves as a powerful reminder that uncoordinated, high-speed manoeuvres near other craft are unsafe. Personal watercraft, often referred to as jet skis, provide a unique and fun way to enjoy the water, but they are high performance machines, not toys. The completion of an appropriate training course will better equip the rider with skills and knowledge necessary for the safe use of a personal watercraft.

Although there are many harbour and local authorities that manage their waters to provide safe areas for all water users, there is an inconsistency of management around the UK coast, which can lead to conflicted interests and confusion. Following this investigation, I have recommended to the Royal Yachting Association and Personal Watercraft Partnership that a cross industry forum be formally created to provide a more consistent approach to the management of personal watercraft around the UK.

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