Consultation to update MSN 1747(M) – Boundaries of sea areas around the UK coast


The MCA is consulting on an amendment to update MSN 1747(M) which sets out boundaries of sea areas around the UK coast.

This consultation closes at

Consultation description

This MSN is being updated a change to the Sea Area in the vicinity of Rathlin Island, and other areas are being reviewed in the light of the 2011 Metrological Office Report which did not exist when the MSN was created. At the same time, consequential amendments resulting from an updating of the Definitions of EU Sea Areas (which took effect before the UK’s exit from the EU) and other minor updates, are being implemented.

It is intended to give the Amendment the updated title of “Sea Areas associated with the Merchant Shipping (Passenger Ships on Domestic Voyages) Regulations 2000” as this is considered more meaningful than simply naming it after the parent Regulations.

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