Second Generation Search & Rescue Aviation Programme (UKSAR2G)

The UKSAR2G programme will build on the current UK SAR service to provide a market-led tailored approach to search and rescue in a more cost-efficient and innovative way.


The MCA, through HM Coastguard, provides a national 24-hour maritime and coastal search and rescue (SAR) emergency response service throughout the UK.

HM Coastguard provides support to all blue light emergency services, as well as other government departments and agencies, through the deployment of its search and rescue helicopters and planes.

Since 2013, the UKSAR helicopter service has been delivered by Bristow helicopters ltd. From ten strategically located bases around the UK, rescuing over 4,500 people since the service started in 2015. This contract is due to finish in 2024.

UKSAR2G is the second-generation programme that will take account of how the current UKSAR helicopter service has evolved and will seek to understand other emergency services’ requirements and needs to shape a highly collaborative and innovative solution. UKSAR2G will work from first principles to develop a more tailored and modern means of delivering vital search and rescue capabilities in a more cost-efficient and innovative way.