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When is a marine licence required to remove items from the seabed?When is a marine licence required to remove items from the seabed?
Added: 23 Aug 2017
The MMO have attempted to clarify and simplify the licencing process for removing litter and marine fishing gear from the seabed.

See the External website for full details
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Latest Port Marine Safety Code Health Check TrendsLatest Port Marine Safety Code Health Check Trends
Added: 23 Aug 2017

The latest Health Check Trends for the Port Marine Safety Code report has been published. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) publish this report on an annual basis to highlight areas found to require improvement as well as offering examples of good practice.

This year’s report summarises the findings from seven visits made by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) during 2016 and early 2017. Three private ports, three municipal ports and one Trust Port were visited.

Areas identified in need of improvement include Duty Holder awareness of roles and responsibilities under the Code, risk assessment review following incident/accident reports and local customs and practices not being captured within the Marine Safety Management System (MSMS). These are continuing themes, the same topics were identified in previous Health Check Trends’ reports.

Additionally this report identifies a need for an improvement in:
• Audit and review procedures,
• Defining senior management roles in the MSMS;
• Failure to report accident/incidents to the MAIB as required;
• The suitability of providing the Designated Person role with harbour staff; and
• The incorporation of relevant guidance from the Port Marine Safety Code and associated Guide to Good Practice into the MSMS.

The report also highlights best practice observed at ports visited, such as, retaining evidence that safety notices have been supplied to Masters, and using training videos during inductions for mooring operations.

Notably, during the Health Checks it is evident that the MCA is also considering guidance given by other publications such as the ACOP Safety in Docks. An example being the spacing of quayside ladders and the provision of lifebuoys, noted as feedback in Health Check comments.

The MCA seeks to undertake eight PMSC health checks annually, aiming to visit a range of different types of organisation across all parts of the UK. It is apparent from the 2016 report that “future health checks will continue to have a particular emphasis on supporting smaller harbours, lochs or ports and particularly those under municipal ownership, whilst ensuring that larger facilities are also compliant.”

For the full Health Check Report, click here

Further details of ABPmer may be found via External link below.

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UKHO Ensures Safe Arrival of Aircraft Carrier into PortsmouthUKHO Ensures Safe Arrival of Aircraft Carrier into Portsmouth
Added: 17 Aug 2017
Hydro International

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) supported the safe arrival of HMS ’Queen Elizabeth’ into Portsmouth on 16 August 2017 by providing specialist marine geospatial and hydrographic expertise and data capabilities.

Following initial dredging operations to make Portsmouth’s navigation channel and entrance deeper, hydrographic data was collected by the survey launch HMS ’Gleaner’ using multibeam echosounder technology to confirm the available water depth.

As well as providing advice during data collection, the final dataset was then validated by the UKHO to ensure it was the to the highest Category Zone of Confidence - a criteria used to determine the accuracy and data quality of seafloor coverage for safe navigation purposes.

The UKHO then used this information to update ADMIRALTY chart coverage of Portsmouth Harbour and Approaches, to support the safe arrival of HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Working in close collaboration with the Royal Navy, Queen’s Harbour Master and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation, the UKHO also provided its wider marine geospatial expertise to prepare for the arrival, by providing detailed tidal stream predictions and supporting the placement of navigational aids.

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UKHMA News: New Canal & River Trust license for boat lettingUKHMA News: New Canal & River Trust license for boat letting
Added: 17 Jul 2017
Boating Business
05 Jun 2017
Image courtesy of Canal & River Trust - Twitter

The Canal & River Trust is introducing a new letting licence to regulate the increasing number of people living on rented boats and ensure their safety.

The charity is responding to the rise in letting websites featuring listings of boats for rent in the already congested waterways of London and further afield, as people try to find alternatives to rising housing costs.

Matthew Symonds, boating strategy and engagement manager at Canal & River Trust, explains: ’Boat owners may not be aware that they have greater responsibilities to tenants than they would if they were using the boat themselves, and it’s vital that those renting boats are protected by more rigorous standards to ensure they are safe.”

From June 12, boat owners will be able to apply for a static letting licence, which will cover all types of boat rental.

The licence requires boat owners to have proof of adequate insurance, a non-private boat safety scheme certificate, a detailed handover document including emergency procedures and contact numbers, a landlord gas safety certificate and written permission from their mooring provider.

The charity will also introduce new measures for dealing with boat owners who may be breaching the terms of their licence by renting out their boat.

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Co Antrim firm Redbay Boats delivers £2m contract for Belfast HarbourCo Antrim firm Redbay Boats delivers £2m contract for Belfast Harbour
Added: 06 Jul 2017
The Irish News
By Gareth McKeown
06 July 2017

BELFAST Harbour has just completed a £2 million investment in two new pilot boats in a contract undertaken by Cushendall-based Redbay Boats.

The two-vessel deal allows the Harbour to better serve the large cargo and cruise vessels which regularly call at the port.

The second boat, the ’Ben Madigan’ has now been delivered to Belfast and joins the ‘Captain Michael Evans’, named in honour of the company’s Deputy Harbour Master who was killed in the Cork air disaster.

Belfast Harbour’s operations director Trevor Anderson said the new vessels were already proving to be a major asset.

“With 23 million tonnes passing through the port annually and a record cruise season this year, it’s great to be able to launch a second, best-in-class pilot boat into service. This additional boat has again been developed to meet the Harbour’s specific 24/7 needs and we’re delighted to have been able to source the vessel from a local supplier.”

Design on the development of the new Stormforce 1650 vessel began five years ago when Co Antrim manufacturer Redbay Boats built a prototype to test the technology.

For Redbay, who celebrate 40 years in business it is a significant contract. The firm, which employs 22 staff and builds 40 boats a year, recently invested £500,000 in a new factory to facilitate the growth of its product range.

Operations manager Gary Fyfe added: “At 16.5 metres the ‘Ben Madigan’ is the second of a two-boat order to be delivered to Belfast Harbour. It is the largest and most complex vessel that we currently build.

“The design offers several bespoke features including a high impact fender system, a more fuel efficient hull design and dual work and pilot boat licenses, all of which are a first for this type of boat in the UK.”

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European Marine Safety Agency July 2017 newsletterEuropean Marine Safety Agency July 2017 newsletter
Added: 06 Jul 2017
Please use the link below to view or download the latest EMSA newsletter.

In this issue:

Interagency cooperation on coast guard functions enters new phase;

Strengthening cooperation and capacity building in accident investigation;

Place of refuge coordination and planning for ships in need of assistance;

Strengthening EMSA’s pollution response services in the Black Sea;

Training to get the most out of the new Equipment Assistance Service;

Technical assistance extends to Black and Caspian Sea regions.

Website: View External Website
Lives put at risk by ’irresponsible jet ski’ users in Devon watersLives put at risk by ’irresponsible jet ski’ users in Devon waters
Added: 03 Jul 2017
By WMN_PGoodwin
Posted: June 30, 2017
By Gayle Herald

Irresponsible ’jet ski’ users are potentially putting lives at risk in Plymouth Sound, according to the public body running a Devon harbour.

The Queen’s Harbour Master at Plymouth’s Dockyard Port says it has received an increasing number of complaints regarding personalised watercraft users putting themselves and others in danger.

A QHM spokesman said: ’Recently, there has been an increase in complaints concerning irresponsible and potentially dangerous jet ski use.

’Incidents have been reported close to moorings and marinas but, of more concern, are those jet ski users who enter the marked bathing areas within the Sound at speed.’

Personalised watercrafts and other high speed craft are permitted to operate anywhere within the Dockyard Port of Plymouth, except for the exclusion zones around military craft and infrastructure.

However, users should comply with the rules and regulations of the Dockyard Port of Plymouth Order 1999, which stipulates a maximum speed limit of 10 knots, reduced to four knots in the designated bathing areas.

The QHM spokesman said patrols are carried out in a bid to prevent incidents, adding: ’The Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) Marine Unit act as QHM’s enforcement officers and patrol the waters within the port limits by up to five craft at any one time.

’These patrols are designed to cover as much of the port as practicable and the MDP endeavour to provide a presence in areas where possible conflict of water users can arise; this helps prevent any incidents occurring.

’The vast majority of high speed water users and jetskiiers are responsible and operate within the rules and regulations. However, there are always people who fail to act as we would like and we receive a number of complaints about a range of port users.

’On receipt of a complaint, QHM’s team establish if the alleged incident is in progress.

’If so, the MDP are requested to provide officers to attend and provide a suitable response.’

Several high speed/waterski areas have been allocated within the port. These are marked on charts and explained on the Plymouth water Users leaflets published through the Tamar Estuaries Consultative Forum.

In these areas and outside of 400m from the shore in Plymouth Sound, vessels are allowed to proceed above the 10 knot speed limit.

The QHM is urging anyone who witnesses irresponsible watercraft users to report it.

The spokesman said: ’QHM is working closely with the MDP (Ministry of Defence Police) Marine Unit as well as the Devon and Cornwall Police and Plymouth City Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team to take action against offenders.

’To take effective action, reports need to be made as quickly as possible.’
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View the UK national dataset of marine vessel trafficView the UK national dataset of marine vessel traffic
Added: 28 Jun 2017
UKHMA Commercial Member, ABPmer, has made available for open viewing a new national dataset of marine vessel traffic for the UK in 2015.

The data layers display AIS vessel transit lines from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s network of receivers, which ABPmer has mapped on behalf of the Marine Management Organisation.

The dataset shows tracks by vessel type and a further layer shows the average weekly density grid (heat map) for 2015.

To create the layers ABPmer processed raw AIS data sampled from the first seven days of each month. The data processing follows the method contained in ‘Mapping UK shipping density and routes from AIS

To view or download the dataset, click Here

Monty Smedley, maritime specialist at ABPmer said, “AIS is a valuable source of vessel information so we are really excited to share this latest AIS dataset with the maritime community.

Many port and harbour authorities collect this information but are unable to interrogate and map the information in a meaningful way. ABPmer has specialised in decoding and mapping AIS for a range of marine safety and planning applications.

Vessel transits can be examined to identify traffic of a certain type, for example, traffic associated with particular industry, berth or offshore activity.

We can also identify shipping density and look at differences over time to identify shipping trends or changes on a seasonal, annual or project basis. And of course it is really valuable for informing EIA navigational risk assessments to understand the implications of planned developments and activities.”

AIS stands for ‘Automatic Identifications System’ and is used by vessels to automatically transmit their position. AIS is carried by international voyaging ships with gross tonnage of 300 or more tonnes, and all passenger ships regardless of size. AIS is also carried by smaller commercial vessels, the fishing sector and leisure craft users.

The data has been sampled from the first seven days of every month, providing 84 days of AIS information. This amounted to more than 1 billion position reports representing more than 20 million nautical miles of vessel transits. By combining vessel transit data, a weekly density grid at a resolution of 2km2 (2,000m by 2,000m cell size) has been produced.
Newlyn fish market secures £1.3million for major refurbNewlyn fish market secures £1.3million for major refurb
Added: 26 Jun 2017
Cornwall Live
By DaveCDM
Posted: June 25, 2017

Newlyn fish market could become "one of the best in the South West, if not the country" after winning £1.3million for a major refurbishment.

The European funding has been granted after two years of bidding to secure the money.

Newlyn Harbour bosses say that the investment programme will improve facilities for existing users and also open up new selling platforms.

Harbour Master Rob Parsons said that it was his goal when he started in the role to secure the investment needed for the project.

He said: "I have been here for three years and we started the applications two years ago. "It has been a long journey and when Brexit came along it was a bit of a shock, but we have now secured this European funding.

"We are a Trust Port so we do it ourselves and there are certain funds that we can access. We are delighted to get the money and we believe it will be fantastic when complete.

"It will be one of the best in the South West, if not the whole country.

"Under the plans the entire fish market will be refrigerated."

The harbour will be speaking to contractors soon and hope to have work start by July or August and is expected to take a year to complete.

As well as boosting the fish market it is expected to create engineering jobs for those who work on the project.

The harbour has a standard fleet of day runners of more than 100 boats along with scores more including trawlers, Belgian vessels and Scottish vessels that visit in the summer months.

Mr Parsons said: "It will give us a modern, purpose-built fish market, rather than a fish market which looks like the Berlin Wall."

Mr Parsons said that previous attempts to gain funding for improvements had faltered meaning that refurbishment was unable to move forward.

He added: "This is a fresh start for the market and the harbour. We have a close knit team here who have worked hard to make this happen.

"But we still have a long way to go – the really hard work hasn’t even begun."

Read more at link below.
Website: View External Website
Tombstoners at Ilfracombe in Devon could face £1,000 fine as serious concerns raisedTombstoners at Ilfracombe in Devon could face £1,000 fine as serious concerns raised
Added: 26 Jun 2017
By WBgdavies
Posted: June 25, 2017

People who ’tombstone’ into a Devon harbour could face a fine of £1,000 as serious concerns have been raised about people jumping from harbour walls into the water.

The concerns over the issue at Ilfracombe Harbour are due to people not only being unaware of where the shallows are, but also because there are boats regularly going in and out of the harbour.

As a result the Maritime and Coastguard Agency has issued advice about why tombstoning anywhere is dangerous - there have been problems reported at many harbours across Cornwall over the years.

Young thrill-seekers were warned last year of the dangers after complaints from coastguard volunteers and horrifying witness accounts.

Truro and Penryn’s harbour master said warning signs are being ignored and young people have been spotted jumping from Penryn road bridge into the harbour, with a similar situation in St Ives and Newquay.

In Bude, people have also reported witnessing tombstoners jumping from the lock and the road bridge into the canal - and risked colliding with a rowing boat.

Read more at link below.

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